We operate based on our clients needs, accross the different steps of the process of the designing, the building phase, the operating phase, the financing and the audit phase.

Feasability studies

Preliminary studies for every project.

These studies allow to evaluate potential for each project. They can be run at the scale of a country (mainly for emerging countries), or at the scale of specified area.

Setting up of projects

This phase consists in securing the progess of each project.

Especially with regards to the land control, the acceptability of the project taking into consideration the administrative local legislation, the criterias linked to the energy reselling and the relationships with the local representatives and local population.

Project management

We are operating along with the project manager, in a partial or whole delegation context and managing for him studies and building processes within the timeframe and the budget agreed.

Financial engineering

We are taking part in the debt structuring phase, ellaborating the most appropriated scenario for each client and project. We then assist our client in its fund raising phase, on the equity side as well as the senior debt side.


We are involved in operation of plants, mainly for non profesionnal operators, such as investment funds, family offices, and other type of investors… We are performing plants general management and/or technical supervision and acting as key interface optimizing the performance of every plant.

Consulting & audit

We assist our clients in their disposal, acquisition or finaning projects.

We perform whole or partial due diligences, in partnership with leading law firms and financial analysis firms.

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