Wind Farms

We are involved in onshore projects, ranging from 10 to 150MW, being either self-use or connected to the grid types.

We are working with market leader manufacturers of wind turbines ranging from 0.75 MW to 7 MW.

Thermodynamic Solar

We are building solar plants equiped with focal line concentration. These product tools are combined with heat exchangers allowing night turbining and a 24 hours energy production.

These electrical facilities allowing energy storage, facilitate energy production regulation.

Solar Plants

We are involved in :

  • large open fields power plants
  • building integrated plants
  • hybrid plants aiming rural electrification

We have secured partnerships with the market leaders including manufacturers of : photovoltaic modules, inverters, transformers, and substructures.

Hydropower stations

Our focus is mainly on small and medium size plants, more particularly in order to implement water storage in addition of our wind and photovoltaic projects.

Hybrid systems

We are involved in REP (Rural Electrification Plans projects) with combined or hybrid solutions, ranging from 100 Kw to 10 MW. Our facilities are equipped with remotly controlled operating and supervision systems. Depending on the cases, they are either On grid or Off grid systems.


We are involved in projects using organic, animal or industrial matter, either to product electrical energy or in combined cycle.

Emergency Power Plant

These facilities are composed of stand-alone barges or cargos on which thermic power stations, ranging from 125 to 1000 MW have been set up. These facilities are readily available and can be put into production promptly. We are dealing with the network feeding points and their co-ordinating and regulating systems. If required, we also have the capacity to deal with high voltage and very high voltage lines regarding the transit of electricity (63 Kv, 90 Kv and 225 Kv).

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