Our history

Quasar Energy is an international independent operator, specialized in the design – operation – financing of renewable and fossil energy production units. Quasar Energy was founded in 2008 as a result of a joint venture of the three companies Imhotep, 4Energy and Watt Lux. Over the years, Quasar Energy has become a key partner in the energy industry.

 As a result, Quasar Energy is involved in the developement of its own projects and liaise with its usual counterparts among States, Collectivities, Investment funds, Banks, Energy Engineers, Private groups.

The wide range of the projects Quasar Energy was entrusted with lead us to develop strong partnerships with the major actors of the industrial energy sector such as : component manufacturers, building industry actors, banks and insurance companies and specilized investment funds.

Our strength lies in our capacity to get involved in projects, not only based on our ressources by building up appropriated industrial consortiums. Our expertise lead us to operate internationally, together with some of the biggest global operators.

Consult-us, we may probably find the appropriate solution to your project!

You are a local politician, a collectivity

You are an investor

You are interested in selling your project

You are looking for projects to fund

 Quasar energy will provide you with answers to your questions